A massive 350 million pods are consumed every year in the UK alone, with the majority being single-use/disposable plastic capsules, it's time to rethink the way we are making espresso coffee. 

Take a look at "Reusable Coffee Pods: The Guilty-Free Revolution" blog article to know more.

Reusable Nespresso Capsules

Stainless Steel Capsule Pod & Lid:

1 Capsule, 1 Lid, 1 spoon, 1 brush and 1 Tamper


Capsule and lid made of durable food grade BPA free material that allows for extended lifetime of pods.

SEALPOD Reusable Nespresso Capsule

Stainless Steel Capsule Pod + Aluminium Seals:

1 pod, 1 fresh cover, 1 scoop and 100 sticker lids


Capsule is made with stainless steel 304 and can last a lifetime.

Foil seals that enable pressure to build in the capsule during brewing.

Refillable Reusable Coffee Capsule for Nespresso

Food Grade PP material with Precision Filter and Water Inlet:

2 reusable coffee capsules, 1 plastic spoon and 1 cleaning Brush


Each capsule can be used over 200 times, made of Food-Grade material, which is 100% BPA free and recyclable.