Enjoy our high quality loose tea selection.

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  • Strawberry&Kiwi (Caffeine free): the perfect blend of sweet strawberry and exotic kiwi creates a wonderfully refreshing, fruity pot.
  • Cherry Sencha: premium grade blend of Rose Blossoms, steamed Green Tea and an aromatic cherry flavour that is hard to beat.
  • Green (Chun Mee): brisk and invigorating, with a tangy aroma accompanied by a subtle sweetness.
  • Earl Grey: black tea blend flavoured with the addition of oil of bergamot. The rind's fragrant oil gives Earl Grey its unique taste.
  • English Breakfast: a full-bodied black tea blend, robust and rich, traditionally associated with a hearty English breakfast.


Aproximately 160g of tea in total

Brew around 80 cups!

Pick 'n Mix Tea

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1st pack (20g)
2nd pack (20g)
3rd pack (20g)
4th pack (20g)
5th pack (40g)
6th pack (40g)
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