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* Sorted by roast and strength *


  • Jamaica Blue Mountain: World's best coffee! Mild, sweet, balanced and smooth taste;
  • Honduras: Mild/Medium, with notes of fruit and slightly nutty taste;
  • Nicaragua: Mild/Medium, low acidity and a fruity taste;
  • Ethiopian Yirgacheffe: Mild/Medium, exhibits sweet and floral notes;
  • Kenya Blue Mountain: Medium roast, fruity and chocolatey;
  • Colombian: Medium, caramel notes and slightly nutty;
  • *NEW* El Salvador: Medium, deep rich cocoa notes with a hint of almonds, and fruity acidity with apricots;
  • Brazil Miaki Yellow Bourbon: Medium, notes of walnuts and almonds;
  • Brazil House Coffee: Medium, with natural sweetness and rich body;
  • Decaf Brazil: Medium/strong, slightly nutty, earthy and smooth;
  • Costa Rica: Medium/Strong, with hints of plum and spice taste;
  • Sumatra Mandheling: Medium/Strong, exhibits tones of sweet chocolate and liquorice;
  • Ethiopian Sidamo: Medium/Strong, deep spice and wine taste with floral aroma;
  • (Indonesian) Old Brown Java: Medium/Strong, exceptional full-body and zesty taste;
  • Papua New Guinea: Medium/Strong, well balanced flavour, smooth and sweet taste;
  • Peru Continental: Medium/Strong, slightly fragrant and nutty;
  • Cuban: Strong, smoky, aromatic and lush;
  • (Indian) Monsoon Malabar: Strong, bold, spice and bitter.


400g of coffee in total

Brew around 40 cups!


Choose whole bean or ground for your specification.

Pick 'n Mix Premium

Whole bean or ground
1st bag (50g)
2nd bag (50g)
3rd bag (100g)
4th bag (100g)
5th bag (100g)
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