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>>Each option is available as Dairy (also contains soya, may contain traces of nuts) and Vegan+GlutenFree (dairy/soya/gluten/nuts free) *


  • Peanut Butter & Chocolate: slightly salted and nutty (contains peanut)
  • Raspberry White Chocolate: sweet and tart
  • Coconut & Chocolate: extra creaminess and nutty
  • Orange & Chocolate: a zest classic 
  • Pure White Chocolate: sweet and rich
  • Pure Milk Chocolate: buttery and sweet



Choose 6 x 90g bags.

540g of chocolate powder in total.

Make around 20 sumptuous cups!



* Allergies and intolerance please contact us.

Pick 'n Mix Hot Chocolate

1st bag
2nd bag
3rd bag
4th bag
5th bag
6th bag
  • We recommend 3 to 4 heaping tablespoons per mug.

    Add the chocolate powder and fill up the mug with hot milk.

    Can be prepared with any dairy or plant based milk.

    *Tip: Use coconut milk for an extra layer of flavour and a barista/foamable version for a creamier result.

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