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* Sorted by roast and strength *


  • Thailand Doi Chaang:  Medium roast, balanced acidity with lightly syrupy mouthfeel, orange-like citrus and dark chocolate dry finish;
  • Brazil House Coffee: Medium, with natural sweetness and rich body;
  • Malawi: Medium, sweetly balanced wine-like acidity, smooth body, and flavours of berry jam and tropical fruit, with a complex and soft finish;
  • Colombian: Medium, caramel notes and slightly nutty;
  • Guatemala: Medium/strong, slightly smoky with bittersweet cocoa taste and a full body, notes of nuts and toffee;
  • Costa Rica: Medium/Strong, with hints of plum and spice taste;
  • Ethiopian Sidamo: Medium/Strong, deep spice and wine taste with floral aroma;  
  • Rwanda: Medium/strong, rich, creamy body with a buttery overtone and caramel aftertaste, accompanied by floral and fruit notes.
  • Old Brown Java: Medium/Strong, exceptional full-body and zesty taste;
  • Papua New Guinea: Medium/Strong, well balanced flavour, smooth and sweet taste;
  • Cuban: Strong, smoky, aromatic and lush;
  • (Indian) Monsoon Malabar: Strong, bold, spice and bitter.


400g of coffee in total.

Brew around40 cups!


Our coffee is always shipped fresh and will last at least three months after delivered to you if properly stored.  However, for the best flavour and experience we recommend consumption during the first two months. 


Choose whole bean or ground for your specification.

Pick 'n Mix Coffee

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