You know what to do. * Sorted by roast and strength * 	Honduras: Mild/Medium, with notes of fruit and slightly nutty taste; 	Nicaragua: Mild/Medium, low acidity and a fruity taste;	Colombian: One of your favourites is back! Medium, caramel notes and slightly nutty; 	Brazil House Coffee: Medium, with natural sweetness and rich body; 	Decaf Brazil: Medium/strong, slightly nutty, earthy and smooth; 	Costa Rica: Medium/Strong, with hints of plum and spice taste;	Sumatra Mandheling: Medium/Strong, exhibits tones of sweet chocolate and liquorice;	Ethiopian Sidamo: Medium/Strong, deep spice and wine taste with floral aroma;	(Indonesian) Old Brown Java: Medium/Strong, exceptional full-body and zesty taste;	Papua New Guinea: Medium/Strong, well balanced flavour, smooth and sweet taste;	Peru Continental: Medium/Strong, slightly fragrant and nutty; 	Cuban: Strong, smoky, aromatic and lush;	(Indian) Monsoon Malabar: Strong, bold, spice and bitter.  400g of coffee in total Brew 40 cups!Choose whole bean or ground for your specification.

Pick 'n Mix Coffee

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Whole bean or ground
1st bag (50g)
2nd bag (50g)
3rd bag (100g)
4th bag (100g)
5th bag (100g)
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