The perfect Christmas Gift for any coffee lover!


Our first gourmet box: amazing coffee beans bringing up traditional festive flavours.


  • Myanmar Shwe Ywar Ngan: Mild/medium, beautiful lime and orange upfront, caramel body with nutty aftertaste;
  • El Salvador Finca Serbia Santa Ana: Medium, deep rich cocoa notes with a hint of almonds, and fruity acidity with apricots;
  • Tanzania PeaBerry Yetu Tamu (translates as "our coffee is sweet"): Medium, smooth with lovely acidity and fruity flavours of cherries and mango;
  • Dominican Republic Barahona: Medium/strong, smooth, earthy tones with hints of rose flowers and caramel aftertaste.


100g of each bean

400g of coffee in total

Brew around 40 cups!  


Choose whole bean or ground for your specification.


Whole bean or ground
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  • This is a Limited Edition box. We are working with Christmas pre-orders to guarantee our customers can enjoy these beautiful gourmet beans.

    Please order in advance to avoid disappointment.

    Xmas pre-orders will be dispatched on December 12th.


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