Our New Ethiopian box:



  • Ethiopian Limu: Mild/medium, well-balanced body with sweet and spicy flavours, and rich winey aftertaste;


  • Ethiopian Harrar Longberry: Medium/strong, stone fruit like acidity, heavy body and wonderful flavours of fruity wine and mocha with an intense aroma of blueberries;


  • Ethiopian Yirgacheffe: Mild/Medium, exhibits sweet and floral notes;


  • Ethiopian Sidamo: Medium/Strong, deep spice and wine taste with floral aroma;  



100g of each bean

400g of coffee in total

Brew around 40 cups!  


Our coffee is always shipped fresh and will last at least three months after delivered to you if properly stored.  However, for the best flavour and experience we recommend consumption during the first two months. 


Choose whole bean or ground for your specification.

Ethiopian Batch

  • We've created simple tasting cards for documenting your findings and keeping your own coffee journal. Available with all orders with no extra cost.