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How to Brew the Perfect Cup of Coffee at Home

Updated: Nov 9, 2020

There was never a better moment to rethink making coffee at home.

Quarantine is the perfect time to learn more about your everyday coffee, discover different ways of brewing and fun new recipes.

Investing in an espresso machine for example can make an exciting project while stuck at home and an opportunity to gain some serious barista skills. It has a high upfront cost but can save you quite a lot of money on the long run. The perfect cup of coffee is all about figuring out what you like and there is no better way than exploring the art of coffee tasting (or cupping). Allowing yourself to taste something thoughtfully brings a great deal of joy, give it a try!

A turning point in home brewing experience is grinding the coffee beans yourself shortly before making it. The flavour and so needed caffeine boost are held by the oils inside the bean, which break down once it's ground and start losing its freshness soon after.

Choose your beans wisely. No, they are definitely not all the same. Always go for high quality single origin beans, with a clear flavour profile and professional roast. We offer a variety of worldwide coffee options with different roasting levels in fantastic box combinations.

There is much more information, tips and product recommendations on each article linked to this post to help you master your coffee brewing skills. You are welcome 😊

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