Blend vs. Single Origin Coffee Beans

Updated: Nov 9, 2020

We have noticed that many of our customers do not know the difference between a blend and single origin coffee beans, so it is time to give you more information on this matter.

“Single origin” is essentially as it sounds, the beans come from one place, usually from a certain region or country or specific farm, and a “Coffee Blend” combines coffee beans from several origins.

If you want to find a well-rounded coffee that’s reliable and approachable that doesn’t offer too many surprises so that you can refine the brewing craft, go with a blend.

Many high-quality espresso blends are made from either Bourbon Santos or Brazil Cerrado due to the ability of Brazilian coffees to take dark roasts without turning overly bitter. Due to its mildness Brazilian coffee is a favourite to balance out more intense coffee beans, making it a feature of many blends, often up to 90% of the coffee in an espresso blend is from Brazil. Well thought blends offer synergy in a cup, with the epitome of their artistry on full display when enjoying an espresso.

If you’re interested in comparing the unique characteristics of coffees from around the world, curious about more vibrant coffee flavours, single origin coffees may be ideal.

With this rise in quality, these coffee beans have never been so popular and accessible - and they’ve also never been so flavourful. The result is a whole new class of unique and nuanced flavour profiles, each believed to best represent the specific agricultural aspects of a coffee microcosm — the purest pour, if you will.

Since no two coffees are the same, it can be fun and more of an adventure to try them side-by-side to taste the unique characteristics. This is also why enthusiasts and professionals tend to buy more single origin coffees. They’re unique and exotic, it’s those wild single origins that bring a sense of wonder and imagination back to life.

So, which one is better?

The answer to this question is down to your personal preference.

Some would say that you cannot beat great single origin beans where you can enjoy coffee in its purest form. On the other hand, you have the option of multiple beans put together specifically to create exciting new flavours. In our opinion, you have the opportunity to have an enriching coffee experience with both!


On a different note, we have been working on creating our own blends and would love to have a few customers participating in the process!

What flavour profile and particularities are you looking for in a blend? Message us and participate on its creation! #coffeeblend #singleoriginbeans #coffeebeans

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