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5 Creative Christmas Gifts for Coffee Lovers

Updated: Dec 8, 2020

'It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas

Everywhere you go...'

Yes, it is that time of year! Time to be merry and get crazy choosing gifts to everybody.

To help you with this arduous task, we have created a list of creative gift ideas that will impress any coffee lover.


Let's start with the basics:

Buy from an independent business

Surely you can find the most amazing craft gifts from small business close to you. Your Christmas gifts will not only be unique but also supportive of awesome local shops.

Personalise, personalise and personalise

As much as you can! Make it the most relatable, something (maybe a detail) that reflects the qualities or interests of the person receiving the gift will make it extra special.

Invest in quality over quantity

Decide on your gift budget and make the most of it choosing a high quality option other than a larger amount or different items of inferior quality.


Stepping into coffee territory, we have incredible Christmas gift options for all coffee enthusiasts:

Coffee Variety Box

Trying coffee beans from different countries with singular characteristics and remarkable flavours is every coffee enthusiast's dream, making these boxes great gift options:

Coffee Selection box offers a different cup of coffee for each day of the week plus one of world's best coffee bean for a treat day!

Gourmet coffee beans are only available in small batches making this festive box a limited edition and a very special gift, celebrating Christmassy flavours.

Blue Mountain Duo is a fantastic combination of rare and treasured coffee beans, bringing up sweet and chocolatey flavours. A posh gift option for a more generous budget.


Funny Coffee T-shirts

Love giving creative funny T-shirts as a gift? These can be the perfect choice.

Christmas and coffee themed, these T-shirts will put a smile on any coffee lover face.

Different Designs Fit Types, Colours and Sizes (small to 3X-large) available.

All designs were created by us and besides being produced on demand in partnership with Amazon, when you buy any of them you are helping support our indie business.


Coffee & T-shirt Gift Box

Cannot decide between a coffee variety box and a funny coffee t-shirt? Then don't!

This Coffee & T-shirt Gift Box is a superb choice.*

The Gift set includes:

  • choice of T-shirt (design, fit, colour and size)

  • choice of two different coffee beans

  • write a personalised a card

*Please note this box was available as pre-order only and is now sold out.

You can still purchase the coffee bags and t-shirt separately.


Coffee Box Subscription

If you are looking for a Christmas gift that keeps on giving throughout the new year, a coffee subscription can be a stunning gift.

With a great range of coffee variety boxes and also single beans boxes, available as monthly subscription and great price it will be hard to choose the best one.

To make this gift even more interesting, we recommend the Coffee Trio Surprise box, which comes with three different coffee beans every month, a surprise selection to please all coffee enthusiasts.


Online Gift Card

Not sure what to give? Let them decide!

E-vouchers are a very practical way to gift as they are versatile and offer a lot of choice.

There are different value options to choose from and everything is online.

It also makes the best last minute gift as there is no need to wait on and get nervous about Christmas delivery timing.


Need advice on which coffee beans to choose? We are happy to help! Message us.

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