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Also known as the "Italian way", it's a stove top pot style coffee maker with a three chambered brew process.

Moka Pot: Testimonials

Classic Espresso Coffee Maker Percolator - made from high quality aluminium to ensure long-lasting use, soft touch ergonomic handle for safe and comfortable use.


Moka Express Aluminium Stove-top Coffee Maker - exclusive and easy-to-clean safety inspection value patented by Bialetti, makes 3 cups of espresso coffee. Made in Italy with food grade aluminium and heat resistant nylon.


Induction Stove-top Coffee Maker - made of steel, a resistant material that does not oxidize over time, ergonomic handle for a comfortable grip, patented safety valve, easy to clean, suitable for all hobs, durable and rust proof with a polished satin-finished steel.

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