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You can use different devices for cold brew coffee. We've selected a few interesting multi-use ones.

Not sure which brewer to choose? Check out "Different Ways of Brewing Coffee at Home" blog article to learn more.

Hario Cold Brew Filter In Coffee Bottle

Cold Brew Filter In Coffee Bottle - includes a filter inside the bottle and a rubber lid which allows you to conveniently serve directly from the bottle.

Capacity 750ml

Teabloom All-Beverage Tumbler

All-Beverage Travel Bottle Gift Set- for cold-brew coffee, fruit-infused water and hot/cold tea infuser. Sustainable Natural Bamboo and Tempered Glass.

Capacity 450ml

PluieSoleil Glass Teapot

Glass Stainless Steel Infuser for One - can withstand instant temperature change from minus 20 ℃ to 130℃. Ultra clear glass teapot with stainless steel infuser.

Capacity 350ml