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World's Top 10 Coffee Producing Countries

You probably already knew that coffee is the third most consumed beverage worldwide, after water and tea respectfully, and the second most traded commodity. With about half a trillion cups brewed per year, coffee beans are also largely used for other beverages (like cola), pharmaceuticals, and cosmetics. These are the world's top 10 coffee producing countries: 10. Guatemala - 449,743,000 pounds Coffee production in Guatemala began to develop in the 1850s, being Central Americ

Liberica, Robusta and Arabica beans, the Coffee Trio.

Would it be a good guess that you have heard of Arabica coffee before, right? And maybe Robusta too? More than three-quarters of the beans sold worldwide today are Arabica, and most of the remaining amount is Robusta. But there is also a third main type: the Liberica coffee bean. The differences can be very technical and scientific between the three coffee beans, but we have created a brief overview comparison to give you a little more insight and get you started on the subje

How to Avoid Coffee Waste at Home

In the UK alone, 95 million cups of coffee are consumed per day, littering an estimated 182.5 million take-away coffee cups and 350 million single-use coffee pods a year. As if that was not bad enough, other 500,000 tonnes of coffee ground waste are sent to landfill every year, producing 1.8 million tonnes of carbon emissions. Reusable coffee cups and pods surely help to reduce environmental harm but what are we doing to help with coffee ground wastage? Inspired by a Perfect

Best Books to Brew the Perfect Pot of Coffee Knowledge

Falling in love with the art of coffee brewing and cupping? Finding yourself with a bit more time to enjoy delicious freshly made coffee at home? Maybe you have just entered this whole new world, or it's been a passion for a while and you are getting more and more curious and eager to learn further about your favourite drink. Time to dig deeper into all the flavours, the paraphernalia and the fun of new discoveries. From a humble bean picked at a specific coffee plantation ou

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