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How to Make Froth Milk at Home

There is a very simple way to make your own froth milk at home. No fancy equipment or barista skills. Quick and easy. What you need French Press / Cafetière Fresh milk/or any plant based milk* (preferable barista/foamable version) Spoon Instructions Steam the milk. Do not boil it, when small bubbles start to appear, turn off the heat. Pour the steamed milk into the cafetière until it covers the filter by at least an inch. Put the plunger in and pump it up and down for 30 seco

Cupping: the Art of Coffee Tasting

What does your favourite coffee taste like? Would you prefer it bold or delicate? A bit of acidity or smooth? Fruited or spicy? When you look forward to enjoying a cup and trying different beans but these questions come up and you have no idea how to answer, developing a more refined coffee palate can help. Having a better appreciation for the multitude of subtle taste differences and experiencing a whole new world of flavours and aromas are the basics of coffee cupping. It c

How to Avoid Coffee Waste at Home

In the UK alone, 95 million cups of coffee are consumed per day, littering an estimated 182.5 million take-away coffee cups and 350 million single-use coffee pods a year. As if that was not bad enough, other 500,000 tonnes of coffee ground waste are sent to landfill every year, producing 1.8 million tonnes of carbon emissions. Reusable coffee cups and pods surely help to reduce environmental harm but what are we doing to help with coffee ground wastage? Inspired by a Perfect

Best Books to Brew the Perfect Pot of Coffee Knowledge

Falling in love with the art of coffee brewing and cupping? Finding yourself with a bit more time to enjoy delicious freshly made coffee at home? Maybe you have just entered this whole new world, or it's been a passion for a while and you are getting more and more curious and eager to learn further about your favourite drink. Time to dig deeper into all the flavours, the paraphernalia and the fun of new discoveries. From a humble bean picked at a specific coffee plantation ou

Different Ways of Brewing Coffee at Home

What is the best way of making good coffee at home? Which brewer should I buy? Is it worth having more than one option to prepare different strength beans? These are the most common questions we receive and here you can find all the answers. First and most important element of making good coffee at home is buying high quality beans and grinding them shortly before brewing. Why? More details here. Second and a bit controversial subject: pairing different beans with specific br

Home Espresso Machine: an Exciting Project!

Brewing good coffee at home but missing that stunning coffee crema, the froth milk and even the beautiful latte art? Investing in an espresso machine can pay off when spending more time at home is the new reality. Developing barista skills can be a rewarding hobby for coffee lovers, a way to keep your mind off these stressful times and engaging in something to bring you joy. Once the artistry has been mastered, how fun would it be to invite family and friends to enjoy a fres

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