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We are passionate about coffee

It all started when we (Anna and Alder), a Brazilian couple, found a coffee shop for sale on e-bay, fell in love and took a leap of faith, travelling 6,000 miles and relocating to Nottingham in England.


There were three fantastic years meeting incredible people while sharing stories around great cups of coffee at our cosy little place called The Coffee House of Nottingham.

With COVID everything changed and our small shop couldn't accommodate social distancing measures. We closed its doors and decided to keep the dream alive in a responsible and safe way, taking our beloved coffee beans straight to your door. 

We've also created a blog with practical guides and tips for home brewing, recommendations on the best devices, and a well thought social media content with coffee curiosities and particularities.

We are a couple passionate about coffee, wishing to provide good comforting coffee during this hard time, always available for a chat, assisting you with the best home brewed coffee experience.

Our Story: About Us
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