The Coffee House Online, a small and independent business, was born from the need of having great coffee with high quality beans to choose from, safely delivered at home.


When the pandemic hit, we found ourselves locked inside trying to figure out how to access goods and services in a responsible and safe way, respecting social distancing and lockdown rules.


Without the option of visiting a coffee shop to enjoy a freshly brewed cup, learning how to make coffee by yourself became a necessity.


To help with this transition, we launched our online business offering the best beans from around the world with free delivery to all UK mainland.


We've also created a blog with practical guides and tips for home brewing, recommendations on the best devices, and a well thought social media content with coffee curiosities and particularities.


We are a couple passionate about coffee, wishing to provide good comforting coffee during this hard time, always available for a chat, assisting you with the best home brewed coffee experience.